Assemblies provide a valuable opportunity for our school community to come together to share, reflect, worship and celebrate. The assemblies are led by school staff and outside visitors in the community. 
Themes for assemblies are planned at the beginning of the school year to ensure a breadth of topics recognising world events and beliefs, British culture and important school values. Themes are printed on the school’s calendar.

Assembly plan

Mondays – in class
Tuesday – whole school
Wednesday – whole school
Thursday – whole school
Friday – celebration assemblies at 2.40pm *parents are invited to the class led ones

Celebration Assembly

Friday celebration assemblies are particularly exciting as a class at a time plan a presentation for the rest of the school and their parents.  This is a relatively low key presentation sharing and celebrating the current learning from class.  The pupils are fully involved in the planning of their celebration assembly. We also celebrate house points, Masters awards in maths and other certificates/ special moments from outside school.  

Scheduled Class Assemblies – all at 2.40pm

Year 1 Lion Cubs (Mrs Morris) Friday 11th November
Year 6 Jaguars (Mrs Webb) Friday 25th November
Year 2 Geckos (Mrs Greaves) Friday 13th January
Year 4 Dolphins (Mrs Ely) Friday 20th January
Year 5 Wolves (Mr Gregory) Friday 27th January
Year 3 Rabbits (Mrs Dennis) Friday 3rd February
Year 6 Pandas (Mrs Jenkins-Wiley) Friday 10th February
Year 4 Geese ( Mrs Boddington) Friday 3rd March
Year 1 Tigers (Mr Russell) Friday 10th March
FS Penguins (Mrs Watson) Friday 31st March
Year 2 Polar bears (Miss Peers) Friday 28th April
Year 3 Golden Eagles (Miss Cookson) Friday 20th May
Year 5 Black Panthers (Mrs Neville) Friday 16th June
FS Bumblebees (Mrs McKenzie) Friday 23rd June



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